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Heat Stroke is 100% Preventable

An average of 700 Americans die, and more than 67,000 are rushed to emergency rooms, each year due to extreme heat.

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The Key to Human Endurance


Heat stroke can occur even when fully hydrated! The key to your endurance -- and the quality of your performance -- is dependent on your body temperature.

Consider this: 75% of your body's total energy is devoted to regulating body temperature. Only 25% is left for moving muscle.

Only one way to reserve energy for muscle movement -- cool your engine.

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Repeat buyer

Great product, keeps my body temperature down so exacerbation symptoms are at a minimum. Now if customer service would have returned my call when I had a concern, I would have given the full 5 Stars.

Thank you for your review on our product, Pamela, and for choosing the Oro brand in the first place.

I micromanage every single customer call myself, so if your call was overlooked and/or missed, it was me who failed you. I founded our cooling company in 2014, yet I still insist on handling every single customer service call; that's how it important it is to me. How your call was missed is something I don't have an answer for, but I do sincerely regret your experience.

Your time in letting us know the good and the bad of your experience with us (me) is sincerely appreciated. Stay safe, enjoy your summer, and thank you for your loyalty.

Luanne DiBernardo

Love my Oro Ultimo

I have had my Oro Ultimo vest for almost a month now, and am really ecstatic about and pleased with my purchase. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and have extreme heat-sensitivity. However, I try to walk my dog about 2.5 miles everyday and like to get out in the yard. The heat in the South makes it tougher every year. I found this product and decided to give it a try. It is wonderful. Like I said, I wear it on my walks every day, and it has kept me cool. I also just wore it to a father/son camp weekend. I was hesitant to go on this trip due to the heat, but the camp graciously allowed me access to some freezer space, so I was able to take my Oro vest and headbands, which kept me cool and allowed me to participate in activities with my son and our group. I could not have done this without this vest. Wonderful product. Highly recommend for anyone sensitive to heat and is trying to stay active in hot weather or hot climates. Also, great customer service! Thank you!

Mini CoolCuffs
Kathy Gardner
Back Pain - No Problem with Oro Sports Cool Packs

Purchased cool backs (and wrist bands) for a friend that was suffering from dreadful back pain. She said these were a "lifesaver" and stayed cooler longer. The cooling wristbands, well, with the summer heat on our doorstep, these are great to wear doing all the yard work - and when done, doing a round of Pickle Ball or two. Would 100% recommend.

Coolsport Vestino
henry timmerman
Great for summer workouts in Phoenix

I had never heard of cooling vests until watching the US Olympic track and field trials on TV two years ago. It was so hot in Eugene that all the distance runners were given cooling vests to wear prior to the start of their race. Why hadn't I thought of this for cycling in Phoenix! My online research showed that Oro Sports made the best products. I bought the Vestino vest and love it. It makes training rides in the Phoenix summer heat totally bearable. Every AZ cyclist should own one. All my friends do now.

Thank you for giving us a try, Henry. Keep cool, and keep on keeping on!!

Calm, Cool, and Collected



The vest fits beautifully and is almost too good at cooling


I purchased the Maximo Original vest. I'm an athlete. It is designed so well: I'm proud to wear it, it fits so smartly and the quality of materials and design is excellent. It looks great. The gel packs are easy to use, to prepare in the freezer and insert into the vest. The instructions are clear. It's easy to use, works so well and I'm proud to wear it.
I'm thankful; from the start the whole experience with ORO Sports and Safety has been excellent, inspiring. Thank you!

Gratitude works both ways, Monica -- thank you for taking time to let us (and other curious shoppers) know about your experience with our company and our Maximo! Your message here is appreciated!

Maximo Gen II CoolVest
Judy Fabiniak
The best!

The products and service couldn't be better. Memorable in fact!

No sweeter 12 words have yet to be spoken... I'd say we're blushing, but we're too busy being grateful to you for sharing your experience with our products and service! Thank you, Judy!

Mini CoolCuffs
Ciro Gargano
Really improves safety and performances during interventions

As an interventional radiologist I work all the time covered with protective garments and your product makes me feel comfortable ad so my safety and performances are really improved. Recommended to anyone who wants to stay safe.

Coolsport Vestino
Ciro Gargano
The best product to increase performances

My name is Ciro Gargano and I am a vascular interventional radiologist and I perform most of my interventions fully covered with protective and sterile garments so my internal temperature raises. This is the most versatile and reliable solution I have been using for years now and I can say that my performances are on another level. Customer service is excellent and I highly recommend their products. Excellent AAAAAAA+++++++

No better gift than these words.. Mille grazie!! Our 'thank you' for taking time to write may be a little late, but we are no less grateful to you for sharing your experience with our products, and for explaining your need for cooling apparel -- this is a first! Many thanks!

CoolHead Wrap
Walter Knochenmus

I Like your product.. the ice vest fits great and cools the core excellent ., and very comfortable.. but it’s just a little to heavy to wear in an event .., 5/6 pounds ad up over the miles in a triathlon… wonder if you could make one about half the weight with good cooling ? Was glad to practice with it .and try it . and I understand it’s for before an event or after. But If a person could make one to use during an event it could be a game changer ? Boulder 70.3 Ironman the temp was 90 and in full sun the hole race .. lots of athletes blew up their muscles locked up and people vomiting .. the intensity of the heat definitely took a toll on many .., thanks again . Walter

Coolsport Vestino
Heather Brown
Best cooling Vet

Best cooling Vest!! Very comfortable and sleek, can’t even tell I’m wearing it.

Maximo Gen II CoolVest
Jonathan Honeywell
Miracle Worker

This is my second cooling vest I’ve purchased from Oro and once again, I’m blown away. The cooling vests have given me my life back during the summer months. With my MS, the heat and humidity make it difficult for me to participate with my family in activities. Thank you for helping me regain a piece of normalcy in my life!

Maximo Gen II CoolVest
Walter Knochenmus
Great cooling vest

Fits nice.. easy to prep and use .. easy to put on and take off ., chills the core great …. Great product… fantastic customer service!! Thanks thanks …

Works well

Trial run; after 2 hours of yard work it was still cool to the touch.
Intended purpose; ATV racing.
90* humid day, and I was pushing my 43 year old overweight body as hard as I could. Cooling affects were still noticeable beyond 2 hours. At 2:45 when I took it off, the vest no longer felt cool to the touch at all.
Perceived affects of the wrist things didn't last beyond an hour.
The "belt" is adjustable. I didn't fasten it the first day because it was way too tight and I didn't notice the adjustment on the inside.
Comfortable to wear, weight wasn't noticeable until the cooling affects wore off.
Activating the cool packs was a PITA. I recommend trying the washing machine method. The manual method took forever.
Would definitely recommend vest, would not purchase the wrist things if I had a do-over.

CoolHead Band
Bridgett Tadel
Innovative products!

I purchased the headband and wide wrist cuffs. The headband (fabulous purple color) I wear almost daily at work (9 hour shifts standing/walking nonstop hospital inpatient Pharmacy), the ice packs only last 2-3 hours so I bought extra to keep in the freezer at work for a change out. It's been really helpful keeping me cool! And the ice packs don't sweat as they warm up, so I'm not all wet down my neck. I wish the wide wrist cuffs were wider in circumference, they said for 8" wrist, which I am, but cuffs are really tight on my forearms with the ice packs inside. They do help me stay cool, but not very comfortable or easy to get on, and then get the ice packs in them, especially if you're alone. But I do recommend!! I have Multiple Sclerosis so keeping cool is a must!!

Maximo Gen II CoolVest
Richard Favre
Richard F.

Very happy with the service my order came in in very reasonable time. Had a small problem with my order. I called and talked to Luanne directly to get it resolved very satisfactory. With the vest I am able to work outside for hours here in Wisconsin.

Mini CoolCuffs
Abigail Stoller

they were AMAZING

Does the job

They are as advertised. Might prefer if the thumb hole was reinforced in some way, but otherwise happy.

Maximo Original
John Siebert
Thank you Luanne!

When our dreaded hot weather arrives, I am so looking forward to having my new OroSport Cooling vest! I have shown it to all my golfing buddies and I am confident this vest will enable me to play golf more frequently. John Siebert

Was purchased as Xmas gift, We have another from your company that was fantastic so I'm sure this will be also, Thank you for the quick shipping.

Green Holiday Bundle
Thomas Arcara
Love It

The products are easy to use; they keep me cool when I am exercising, which is why I wanted them. The owner, Luanne, made sure I was happy and that the vest fit well. Wonderful Lady and I will definitely promote the products

Comfortable to shoot archery on a hot day

I’ve been using the Oro ice vest in Texas for outdoor target archery as I was starting to really feel after effects of the severe heat (not a medical condition). It’s early days but the vest does seem to take the edge off. It takes some getting used to as the body adjusts (which is stated in the instruction sheet). The ice gel packs are easy to fire up and store conveniently in the freezer. I’ll be giving the vest more of a test next summer. Very nice product - I’ve been looking for something that I could shoot in for ages.

CoolHand Cooling Gloves
Charlie Stapleton
Awesome products!!!

I purchased the gloves because of multiple carpal tunnel surgeries. I especially use them after playing golf and garden work. The gloves are doing what I expected them to do. Great product.

Unbelievable product.

After having a heat stroke 18 years ago I have been extremely susceptible to heat illness. I played four days of golf in Texas with 95 to 100 degrees and the cooling vest and head bands made me feel the best in the heat since before my heat stroke! Great products and service