The Oro Sports Maximo Vest and Vestino selected by US Sailing Team for Tokyo 2021


We Beg Comparison

Our biggest fans are those who have used competitor cooling vests. But it was a trial conducted by the United States Coast Guard in Savannah, Georgia that confirmed our cooling vest as #1.

1. Form, fit and function.

2. Design, comfort, and cooling efficiency.

3. High Tech Performance textiles offer moisture management, antimicrobial protection, insulating properties for CoolPaks, and breathability.

4. Oro CoolPaks outperform all other ice, gel, phase change, or hybrid cooling systems.

Things to look for when selecting any cooling vest:

1. EVAPORATIVE COOLING works only in the presence of low humidity and circulating air, and cannot reduce body temperature.

2. Cooling packs that quickly "freeze" in cold water will warm up just as quickly.

3. Make sure the cooling vest is made from quality textiles. Do they prevent freezer burn? Do they become wet? Is the construction durable?

A cooling vest purchase should be lifetime purchase.

Subtraction by Addition

cool down, power up


"The cooling vest was great! I used it before and after my workout and I was better able to maintain my body temperature while I was working out. I live in GA and it was a pretty warm when I was using it, so I know it can be effective!" 

Reid Ferguson, Buffalo Bills

"I've been using the vest to train for the marathon in Chicago, wearing it during my 10-mile runs. I started running again at 11am, which I'd typically not be able to do because of the heat at that hour. I believe it's been helpful for my breathing, having the cooling on my chest. I feel not only cooler, but more relaxed... euphoric. I could feel it (strength) in my legs, just wearing the vest. I could feel it in my legs.

After runs, I'd typically cool in a 30 - 40º whirlpool. Now I use the vest. I believe the cooling vest is perfect for soccer training – lots of running, so pre-cooling would be useful. Regarding marathons, I believe pre-cooling gets you off to a strong start. If you start out not feeling well, it’s a long 26 miles. If you can get through the first 5 miles strong, you’re that much better off."

Tim H., Coach, MA

"I used the vest on the golf course for the first time this morning. In short, even though I was still constantly dripping sweat (I have a significant issue with sweating), the vest (and the headband) did make the heat more bearable. Mission accomplished!

Also, the CoolPaks in the front of the vest did not in any way inhibit the golf swing, which was surprising to me".

Stanley S., China

"It is very hot in Kansas in the summer. I was having to only go see my horse in the evenings but since I got my vest I am able to go during the day. I have had several cooling vests in the past but (this) is my favorite. It works great! Doesn't get me wet and most of all the fit and how it looks is far superior. Others made me feel like I was wearing a construction site vest

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"After about five minutes, you go into a more Zen stage where it effects you mentally. I put it on my race mechanic. He felt it immediately. His words, after maybe three minutes were, “It feels (pause while he thinks) ‘therapeutic’”. I put it on another guy (this was at 4:30PM) and the look on his face told it all. He immediately felt it on his aching ribs. He was impressed."

K. Fischer, Race Car Driver

"I went to a White Sox game with a 95° heat index today, and my cooling headband was a lifesaver! It was the first "real" test I put it through since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I swapped out the CoolPaks once for a fresh strip halfway through the game (kept it in an insulated lunch bag, stayed frozen till I used it), and I'm amazed at how comfortable I was the entire time. Love it!

I figured the headband would help a little, but expected it to be drenched and gross by the end of the game. I couldn't believe it, but my hairline was totally dry three hours later--I was so cool that my head didn't even sweat!"

Becky M., Chicago

"Just wanted to share a picture of me riding my buddy, Malik, in my AWESOME vest!

Also wanted to thank you for taking care of and impressing my friends with your customer service! Love sending people you're way and hearing about what an awesome company you are."

Jessica A.

“Our youth club athletes use the coolture headbands and vests at their summer track & field meets. these meets typically last 10-12hrs/day, sometimes 2 days in a row. so during their warm-ups and sometimes during their just sitting around time between events they use these products to help stay cool during the hot mid western summers. we use these products on the scientific re3search assumption that starting a race slightly cooler than your opponent will allow us to run farther or faster before our temperature equals our opponents”.

William W., XC Coach, MI

"WOW!!! Totally impressed with my cooling vest. It's 79º and I've been out in the sun for the past 2 hours doing yard work and I'm OK! Still can feel the coolness of the packs of ice AND they still have plenty of more power left to give. THANK YOU for making this awesome looking and feeling vest."

Jessica A., Wellness Coach, Illinois
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Cooling Headbands
James Carroll JR
Kewl Headband

The cooling headband was a big hit with my daughter. She overheats so quickly, but this headband saved the day! A great fit and a long lasting cool.

Kept me cool for 6 hours

We own a small furniture store and this vest gave me a boost the way a cold glass of water gets you moving on a hot summer day. It was easy to use (threw it in the freezer whole) and I wore it over my undershirt and kept me from over heating. Love it!!!

Your wonderful product is really helping me! "Pax"

CoolPup Bands is helping me to stay cool in the heat of the day, and keeping me comfortable and less stressed due to my breathing complications from my neuromuscular disease that is causing me to struggle with Laryngeal Paralysis. My mommy Liz also is not stressing when I have to go out to potty! A very special thanks to Luanne for your compassion and help in choosing the CoolPup Bands for me...they really work!

Super service, agreed to correct size of ice pack.

Returning reply could be faster.

A really quality product!

I’m a 28 year old woman from Brisbane, Australia who suffers from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and practices ballet. The combination of Brisbane weather and serious heat intolerance means a hot day can be absolutely debilitating for me. I found the Oro sports vest because I was looking for something that wasn’t too bulky and would not embarrass me if I wore it in public or at ballet class. This product is really good, not only does it look great and is really well made structurally but the gel inserts keep me cool for hours, even without aircon.
If I had to find fault with the vest it would be that it is designed as unisex and does not take a woman’s chest into account. On me it does not cool my entire front uniformly as my chest distorts the shape. But this is just nitpicking, the vest still works great. The only cool vests available in Australia are made for construction workers so I was really excited to see something designed specifically for sport (the freedom of movement is great!)