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Our biggest fans are those who have used competitor cooling vests. But it was a trial conducted by the United States Coast Guard in Savannah, Georgia that confirmed our cooling vest as #1.

1. Form, fit and function.

2. Design, comfort, and cooling efficiency.

3. High Tech Performance textiles offer moisture management, antimicrobial protection, insulating properties for CoolPaks, and breathability.

4. Oro CoolPaks outperform all other ice, gel, phase change, or hybrid cooling systems.

Things to look for when selecting any cooling vest:

1. EVAPORATIVE COOLING works only in the presence of low humidity and circulating air, and cannot reduce body temperature.

2. Cooling packs that quickly "freeze" in cold water will warm up just as quickly.

3. Make sure the cooling vest is made from quality textiles. Do they prevent freezer burn? Do they become wet? Is the construction durable?

A cooling vest purchase should be lifetime purchase.

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Nice cooling vest

I ordered this on advice from others with MS to see if it would help with my heat intolerance. It helped greatly. I used it for mowing our lawn on an upper 80's day.
I mowed for about an hour and the cooling packs were still more than 1/2 frozen and I was still comfortable. It wore nicely and was not restrictive at all.
Definitely would recommend this.

CoolSport Vestino
Yuri Artibise
Helped During the Heat Dome

I have MS and heat exacerbates my symptoms. While I initially purchased this vest to help keep cool while exercising outside during the summer, it proved invaluable to helping keep cool during the 'heat dome' event that his the west coast during the end of June, both when I was inside or outside!

Its minimal size and shape allows you to move freely when wearing it (even when wearing a back- or water-pack over top), but the full back ice pack still keeps you cool.

I highly recommend it for those looking for a lightweight and unobstructive way to keep cool in the heat.

Comfort found in a vest!

my experience has been great. From the first call to ask questions about the product. Order fulfilled in no time at all. wearing the vest has been wonderful, helping to keep my core temperature in control so I can be active outdoors for much longer. The zipper is easy for me to use too. This summer is going to be great!

Cools well, but a little too puffy to be worn under clothes

I had hoped to be able to wear this vest somewhat discreetly under my shirt. I thought it was going to be the thickness of a thin jacket. Boy was I wrong. I tried putting it on under my shirt and wound up looking like the stay puff marshmallow man. The cool packs are just really thick once you follow the instructions for activating them. So, my thoughts are this thing works great if it doesn’t matter if others know you’re wearing it but don’t think you’re gonna look your usual size if you wear it under clothes. I will probably wear it when mowing the lawn or doing other projects outside the house during summer. Not gonna be wearing it for bike rides or running because it would just look ridiculous to people around here.

Thanks for your review, G Anderson! Glad to learn that aside from an easy misunderstanding that our Maximo Cool Vest should be worn under clothing, you also offered that 'this thing works great...' -- Complements come in many forms ;) -- we're grateful for both your criticism and your pat on the back. Until cooling technology catches up to our tech-savvy world, we will continue to do the best we can with the best tech that's offered. Thank you once again for taking time to write us, G!

CoolSport Vestino
Vest is a Life Saver

Every summer I bale hay on my farm. This summer has been especially hot. I ordered an Oro vest and headbands in February and I am soooo glad I did. Here in July I spend 4 days in the hay fields with temperatures over 90 degrees. I was wearing the vest & headbands, changing the ice packs out every couple hours. I was amazed how well they helped to keep me from overheating as in past years. I can highly recommend the Oro products. I will be using these products under my Equestrian show jackets during our August show series as well. Thank you for the ingenious styling and fit of your product. They are life savers in the summer heat.