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The Oro brand happened when my brother, a former DKNY designer, combined his design skills with his debilitating heat intolerance.

Luanne DiBernardo

Stealth Cooling

on the fly

Coolsport Vestino
cooling vest

Workplace Cooling

Cooling Vests that work as hard as you do

cooling vest for safety

Cool Speed Ahead

Ahead of the competition

Coolsport Vestino
cooling vest

Running on Cool

Your competitive edge awaits

Maximo Coolvest gen2

Form, Fit & Function... Meet Style.

Oro is what happened when a former DKNY designer applied his design skills to his debilitating heat intolerance.

Cool Collections
An athlete wearing a beautiful white cooling vest to improve her game

Team Cooling for Team Sports

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Coolsport vestino

Heat Stroke is 100% Preventable

An average of 700 Americans die, and more than 67,000 are rushed to emergency rooms, each year to to extreme heat.

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