Cooling Protocols


Hydration and Temperature Regulation are an athlete's greatest performance tools. Skills and endurance training mean nothing when an athlete is overheated or underhydrated.

PRECOOLING stalls the point at which overheating would normally occur.

  • Precool for 30 minutes or longer to outlast your competition
  • Precool to improve performance; to prevent heat injuries
  • Precool to "warm up" without compromising game-time performance


  • Cooling during periods, quarters, breaks can help restore mental and physical endurance
  • Cooling on the sidelines to assure a cool return


  • Post-game cooling can help restore mental and physical strength
  • Post-activity cooling for "away game" recovery in the absence of an ice tub
  • An Ice Tub is the gold standard for recovery cooling until medical treatment can be administered.  In the absence of an ice tub, cover athlete with Maximo Cooling Vest.
Important: Oro Sports cooling products are cooling therapies than can help prevent the effects of exertional and environmental overheating. Oro Sports cooling products not medical devices. When  the signs of heat exhaustion are present, seek immediate medical treatment.