The Cooling Game

Million Dollar Question: Which is more important to human performance, thermoregulation (regulating body temperature) or hydration?

Hint:  You can fall victim to heat stroke even when fully hydrated.

The correct answer is "Both", yet you're not alone in your surprise that thermoregulation is as critically important as hydration -- it's why sports drinks are on every athletic bench while cooling vests are virtually unknown by all but elite athletes. 

Think about wearing a cooling vest the same way you think about wearing your winter coat.

Without a winter coat, your body will attempt to warm itself by shivering. Shivering cannot keep you warm to the degree a warm winter coat can, but instintively we know this and bundle up appropriately. 

Without a cooling vest, your body seeks to cool itself by sweating. Sweating eventually results in dehydration, and is in no way sufficient in preventing heat stress and/or heat stroke.


PRECOOLING stalls the point at which overheating would normally occur. If your activity doesn't allow for cooling on-the-job, then this method of cooling is for you:

  • Precool for 30 minutes or longer to outlast your competition
  • Precool to boost your mental and physical endurance 
  • Precool while "warming up" to reserve your game-time performance


  • Throw on your cooling vest whenever you take a break to restore physical and mental endurance


  • Your body keeps sweating after extended activity in warm environments. Your cooling vest helps your body safely recover.
  • Ice Tubs are considered the gold standard for cooling an overheated athlete, but are not always available. The Maximo Cooling Vest is the next best option.
Important: Heat exhaustion can turn into heat stress within only a few minutes. If you, or someone in your presence, falls victim to heat stress or worse, call 911 for immediate medical attention. Cool first, transport second! Oro Sports + Safety cooling products are not a replacement for medical attention. With proper cooling practices, heat injuries can be minimized and/or prevented.  
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    CoolSport Vestino
    Joyce Haraway
    Keeping Cool on the Golf Course

    If heat and humidity is keeping you away from your favorite round of golf consider trying the Oro Vestito to keep you cool. My husband who suffers from the heat is able to keep cool with it in 90 degree weather. In addition the Vestito vest does not inhibit his golf swing in any way. A suggestion would be to purchase two cooling packs as one’s cooling effect lasts for approximately nine holes. A wonderful invention!!

    Eva P.
    Cool Cuffs Really Work

    I really like the redesigned cool cuffs. The fabric has a nice stretch and the cool packs stay securely inside the cuff pocket while wearing. I wore them last week on a very hot day as I gardened outside. The frozen packs lasted about an hour before the cooling effect rapidly decreased. That was perfect for me, as I hadn't planned on gardening for more than an hour anyway. Since the cuffs come with an extra set of cooling packs, I could have easily popped a new frozen set in and continued working. I threw them in the washer and let them air dry to ensure the elastic component of the fabric would not be damaged by heat drying. They came out like new.

    I give these a five-star rating and I think buyers will love the improved design. The only negative for me is that I have very small wrists (5 1/4"). While the cuffs were not loose and made good contact with my skin, the fit was more snug when I first put them on. As the cool packs began to melt, the cuffs felt just a little bit looser, but they still maintained their cooling effect.

    Thank you Oro for your quality products!

    So Happy To Have Found This!

    I suffer from a condition that causes me to overheat. This cooling vest is a lifesaver. I wore it to the State Fair and did not overheat once, even when in direct sunlight, with an outdoor temp of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Now if only I could sleep in it!

    CoolSport Vestino
    Jennifer Carroll

    My son used it playing golf. His temperature has to be regulated due to a prior paralysis condition. Living in the south with extreme humidity levels makes this product a must. This vest is a game changer!

    CoolSport Vestino
    Sharey Edholm
    Ice pack vest

    Great lightweight cooling vest. It looks like a small Backpack so not ugly. I have MS and it worked well to keep me cooled down.