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UPDATE 9/28/20: After speaking with 'J', we learned that the side effects of her medical condition are aggravated by the use of snug-fitting clothing. Because the snug fit of our Vestino is what makes it so effective, 'J' is willing to try a few things before we give up the ship! (Starting with fixing her Velcro).

Hi Jane.
Your review just came through, and we definitely want to address your comments; especially because our Vestino has been a hands-down favorite this season. In fact the most common feedback is 'we forget we have it on'. For this reason, we would love to learn the ways in which you find the garment uncomfortable. Could be wrong size?

Regarding the Velcro, we have since changed the style of Velcro we're using. The one you experienced a problem with has resulted in 'cracking' in some cases. Unacceptable. We have since replaced that product with the traditional style Velcro in order to avoid recurring issues.

In the meantime, we are small company with a real live person at the other end of the line, 7 days a week. We WANT to hear about any problems so we can fix them. To that point, we would be happy to remedy the Velcro on your Vestino.

We'll await your good word!

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