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Oro Sports LLC respects your privacy and strives to offer you a safe customer experience. If you have any questions or concerns about any content herein, we welcome your contact at any time.


When you order through the Oro Sports LLC portal, we collect personal data that is used exclusively to provide you the services in question. Beyond what is required to fulfill your order, Oro Sports does not disclose, sell, or give your data to anyone unless we are required to do so pursuant to a mandatory provision of law. 

Oro Sports LLC is a globally operating company with customers all over the world. In those cases, data is transferred out of your home country. Service providers do not have access to your data. When data is transferred it is done only for the purpose of providing the service you are requesting. In this case, the service is the fulfillment and shipment of your ordered products. Your data is not disclosed or given to third parties.


When you create a user account on the Oro Sports LLC portal, we ask for specific personal information; for example, your name, email address, mailing address, and contact information and/or phone number.  We trust all the information you give us to be accurate for the sole purpose of fulfilling your order and for sending information about discounts.  

We may have access to additional information about you when you contact our Customer Service Personnel. Your comments, suggestions, personal history, and/or any other personal information remains confidential, unless otherwise specified or approved.

Your payment information is encrypted in a third-party system at the time of sale. It can never be accessed by, nor kept on file by, Oro sports LLC.  When processing payment information, we comply with applicable legislation and the terms and conditions set and monitored by payment service providers.

Customers, followers, and purchasers of Oro Sports LLC have permission to share our information to third party platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  Third party independent service providers are responsible for information shared on their respective platforms.


There are always risks associated with providing personal data, whether in person, by phone or via the internet or other technologies, and no system or technology is completely safe or "tamper"/"hacker" proof. Oro Sports LLC takes appropriate precautions to prevent unauthorized access to and improper use of your personal data. Oro Sports uses encryption and firewall technology when collecting personal data. We use industry standard security measures, such as SSL authentication, to ensure that your credit card information, as well as other personal data submitted as part of the buying process, is appropriately safe from third party interception.

Oro Sports LLC will never disclose your personal information without your permission. The only exception to this is that information which is necessary for the handling of your order. Information may, however, be disclosed if necessary because of law, a court order, or a regulation or request issued by authorities.

For statistical purposes, Oro Sports LLC may collect anonymized statistical data, including product sales, traffic types, or similar website information for the purpose of assessing market need and consumption.


We want to keep our database up-to-date and we regularly delete out-of-date and unnecessary personal information. We only store the information as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected or required by law. You can find more information on the storage times in the service-specific sections. You may also contact us using the contact information provided below.


You always have the right to access your personal information. You have the right to know what information pertaining to you has been collected.

Any data used in our research and development work is anonymized and cannot be associated with you.

You have the right to prohibit direct marketing or use of your testimonials. If you want to stop receiving emails from Oro Sports LLC, please follow the "unsubscribe" instructions within each email communication, or contact us directly to request immediate cessation.  Oro Sports LLC will not provide or share any mailing lists to third parties for promotional purposes.

You have the right to request the deletion or correction of your information at any time. Any deleted data is not retrievable. Only historical purchase data will be maintained in our purchasing database as required by mandatory provisions of law.

According to law, you have the right to refuse profiling and automated decision-making. Oro Sports LLC does not do the type of profiling the law refers to. We also do not make any automated decisions about you or your behavior. You can also request that the handling of your information be restricted, also when you have prohibited the handling of your information and the assessment of the legal basis for the handling of your information has not been completed.

Oro Sports LLC is not responsible for a third party system’s ability to process information in the format that is used for the transfer of funds, including PayPal, Amazon Pay, or other third-party payment systems.

If you suspect misuse of your information, you may submit a complaint to Oro Sports LLC and/or a similar authority.


When you subscribe to a newsletter or register to Oro Sports LLC, you are asked for your consent to receive marketing messages from Oro Sports. If you give your consent you will receive messages from Oro Sports, including newsletters, new product announcement, sale and promotional announcements, and/or targeted advertisements.

You can withdraw your marketing consent at any time either from the marketing messages you’ve received from Oro Sports LLC. Withdrawal of consent will clear your name from all Oro Sports marketing lists. Withdrawing marketing consent does not affect your use or future orders from Oro Sports LLC.

Oro Sports LLC does not sell or give customer data to any third parties for marketing purposes.


Our policy is to request that customers under the age of 13 do not make purchases or engage in other legal acts on the Oro Sports LLC websites without the consent of a parent or legal guardian. For example, an Oro Sports user account for a user under 13 years of age can only be created with permission from a guardian.


This Privacy Notice was updated on January 1, 2020.  Any changes to this Privacy Notice will be notified to our customer via email. If you have any questions about Oro Sports LLC products, we welcome your contact at or 716-281-0080.  .


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Customers Talk

76 reviews
Cooling Gloves
Charlie Stapleton
Awesome products!!!

I purchased the gloves because of multiple carpal tunnel surgeries. I especially use them after playing golf and garden work. The gloves are doing what I expected them to do. Great product.

Unbelievable product.

After having a heat stroke 18 years ago I have been extremely susceptible to heat illness. I played four days of golf in Texas with 95 to 100 degrees and the cooling vest and head bands made me feel the best in the heat since before my heat stroke! Great products and service

CoolSport Vestino
Joyce Haraway
Keeping Cool on the Golf Course

If heat and humidity is keeping you away from your favorite round of golf consider trying the Oro Vestito to keep you cool. My husband who suffers from the heat is able to keep cool with it in 90 degree weather. In addition the Vestito vest does not inhibit his golf swing in any way. A suggestion would be to purchase two cooling packs as one’s cooling effect lasts for approximately nine holes. A wonderful invention!!

Eva P.
Cool Cuffs Really Work

I really like the redesigned cool cuffs. The fabric has a nice stretch and the cool packs stay securely inside the cuff pocket while wearing. I wore them last week on a very hot day as I gardened outside. The frozen packs lasted about an hour before the cooling effect rapidly decreased. That was perfect for me, as I hadn't planned on gardening for more than an hour anyway. Since the cuffs come with an extra set of cooling packs, I could have easily popped a new frozen set in and continued working. I threw them in the washer and let them air dry to ensure the elastic component of the fabric would not be damaged by heat drying. They came out like new.

I give these a five-star rating and I think buyers will love the improved design. The only negative for me is that I have very small wrists (5 1/4"). While the cuffs were not loose and made good contact with my skin, the fit was more snug when I first put them on. As the cool packs began to melt, the cuffs felt just a little bit looser, but they still maintained their cooling effect.

Thank you Oro for your quality products!

So Happy To Have Found This!

I suffer from a condition that causes me to overheat. This cooling vest is a lifesaver. I wore it to the State Fair and did not overheat once, even when in direct sunlight, with an outdoor temp of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Now if only I could sleep in it!