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An extra set of CoolPaks in the freezer or in your cooler means you'll never be caught off guard. All day safety, performance, and comfort.

How to Activate & Use -- Activation is done only once!

  • Scrunch flat CoolPak strips vigorously in a basin of warm water
  • Let soak for approximately 10 minutes to absorb water and plump each cell. You may encounter a cell that requires extra massaging. 

Activation is done only once.

  • Lay plumped CoolPaks flat into freezer until ready to use
  • Refreeze and reuse repeatedly

How long will Your CoolPaks stay cold?

In low-humid environments, you can expect a maximum of four (4) hours before your CoolPaks will need refreezing. Headbands and Gloves can stay cold up to 2 hours. 

High humidity can cut cooling time. A backup set of CoolPaks can extend cooling time when anticipated.

When will you need to replace your CoolPak set? 

You can use your CoolPaks over and over again, but at some point in time they will need to be replaced.

People who depend on cooling only during summer months could enjoy as many as four years with their CoolPaks. People in warmer climates may have to replace their CoolPaks sooner -- particularly if a backup set is not put into rotation. 

When your CoolPaks soften are they "done"? 

Your CoolPaks will soften as they absorb body heat. They will continue to provide cooling even during this phase change! 

You will experience ADAPTATION, which is what happens when you "get used to" the cool temperature of your CoolPaks. It's the same as when jumping into a frigid swimming pool, then feeling comfortable after 30 minutes.

The easiest way to determine if your CoolPaks are still doing their job -- is to place your hand on your skin beneath your vest. If your skin is still cool, your CoolPaks are still working. 


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