The Oro Sports Story

Oro Sports co-founder, Luanne DiBernardo, first started prototyping and testing cooling wearables in 2009 with her brother Van DiBernardo, a former DKNY designer with heat intolerance due to a chronic condition. At that time, the siblings were focused on people like Van, who struggled to maintain physical and mental endurance when overheated. Their efforts would become "Coolture", the company they founded in 2010. 

Oro sports designer and founder

Ten years later, Luanne partnered with QSG Technologies founder, Tom Burns. Its Burns' manufacturing facility that stitched every Coolture product since 2013. The dynamics of this working partnership places design, manufacturing, and customer service under one roof; placing Oro Sports ahead of the curve in product development, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Why Oro Sports?

Heat injuries, heat strokes, and heat-related deaths are on the rise, most often striking the most vulnerable: youth athletes. The Oro Sports Team recognized the absence of wearable, high-impact cooling solutions that could fortify human performance when exerting energy in warm environments. Placing an elite athlete on the sidelines with an ice-filled baggie is proof that a sophisticated "on-the-go" cooling wearable is long overdue. 

In addition to their ongoing development of high-impact cooling wearables, the Oro Sports team shines a light on the oftentime life threatending, thermoregulation demands of competitive athletes of every age. Heat strokes are 100% preventable. And Oro Sports is 100% ready to change the performance game.