Improve Performance Despite the Heat

Female basketball player jumping into air

Your body has short-term memory – it conveniently forgets what you went through last summer. It forgets about the hot gymnasium, the heat waves, and your defiance in slowing down when your body heat threatened to break your stride.

We're here to remind you. There are four things to keep in mind when thinking about improving performance despite the heat.

Acclimitize: fancy word for letting your body get used to the warm weather as it advances, vs. hitting it hard when the heat kicks in. Start with 30 minutes in the heat, then work your way up to your usual paces. 

Thermoregulate: 75% of your body’s total energy is devoted to regulating body temperature. Want more energy for moving muscle? Then give your body a break and put on a cooling vest before you start playing!

PreCool: It's proven that cooling before exertional activity can improve mental and physical performance. 

Hydrate: Fuel your body with electrolytes and fluids. When you've already pre-cooled with your cooling vest, dehydration will soon become nothing more than a dull memory. 

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