Women in Construction

Women in Construction

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that women make up about 
ten percent of Americans employed in construction. It’s no surprise that the front lines of this historically male dominated industry are even smaller – where only one female is found for every hundred employees on the job.

These women, who work on-site and in construction offices around the world, make up the backbone of an industry that is only set to rise in 2021 – even as the globe is gripped with an ongoing pandemic. With holiday shopping season upon us, here are four products that can improve quality-of-work life for the construction ladies in your life:

Maximo Cool Vest: Our 100% form-fitted material brings cooling to the entire torso. This gift is ideal for those interested in less sweating while keeping the hydration levels up.

Cool Sport Vestino: High-impact cooling positioned only on the back. This allows for the complete freedom of movement, as well as therapeutic cooling or warming where it is most needed after an exceptional activity. 

Cooling Gloves: To quickly cool the palms between breaks, or to provide relief from tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, these are a must buy for hand maintenance.

Cooling Headband: Cooling at the base of the head provides relief from overheating. Great for migraine pain, and with a variety of colors, adds some flair to the site.

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