Elite and competitive athletes participate in rigorous training loads and multiple competitions. The development of an equally rigorous recovery process is required to prevent overtraining and injury. Some strategies, such as hydration, cold water immersion, nutrition, and sleep are effective in their ability to counteract the fatigue mechanisms. Sleep quality is the most vulnerable prior to major competitive events, during periods of high-intensity training, and when exposed to the travel demands of competitions.

Slow-wave, or deep sleep, is believed to be essential for optimal recovery in athletes. Growth hormones are secreted during this phase, creating the optimum environment for anabolism. Anabolism is one of the processes in metabolism. 

"When athletes experience sleep deprivation, this reduces their slow-wave sleep, makes them feel sleepier during the day and starts to adversely affect their performance.” (1)

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine did a study, where they cooled the brains of 12 insomniacs to cool the prefrontal cortex. This cooling of the brain helped the insomniacs fall asleep —and stay asleep about as long—as adults without insomnia.


Oro Sports Cooling Headband cools the brain; for anxiety, heat safety, and insomnia.

 (1).Halson S (2014). Sleep in Elite Athletes and Nutritional Interventions to Enhance Sleep. Sports Med. 44 (Suppl 1):13-23.

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