Cheap running shoes have been shown to lower your risk of injury. There, we said it. But the words are not our own.  

The University of Bern in Switzerland conducted research among almost 5,000 runners that proved that runners who wore shoes priced at under $40 resulted in 50% fewer injuries than those who wore running shoes costing upwards of $95.

Medicine + Science in Sports and Exercise reported similar results to their own study

Luxurious cushioning might feel great to stand in, but when running, the feet lose the relationship to the ground that keeps the runner stable.  

Information below credited to Jens Jakob Anderson @ "Run Repeat"

  • The higher the list price, the lower ratings the running shoes get.
  • The 10 most expensive running shoes (avg. list price: $181) are rated 8.1% worse than the 10 cheapest running shoes (avg. list price: $61).
  • Running specialist brands are rated 2.8% higher than running shoes from broad sports brands.
  • The top three best rated brands are: #1 Skechers, #2 Saucony and #3 VibramFiveFingers, while the three worst rated are #22 New Balance, #23 Adidas and #24 Reebok. Adidas Group owns both Reebok and Adidas.
  • The three most affordable brands are #1 Skechers, #2 Vivobarefoot and #3 Puma, while the three most expensive brands are #22 On, #23 Newton and #24 Hoka One One.