A Lesson From the Groundhog

Groundhog coming out of hole

Learn a thing or two from the Groundhog.

Trust what the weather is telling you. Trust how you feel. Trust when to rise, and trust when to rest. Trust that when you see your shadow, it's time for a change. 

With summer comes high heat and a high sun -- and you wanting to push yourself outside to give it your all. In the process, don't fail to give your body what it most needs to perform in the heat: Thermoregulation and Hydration.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've heard it all before, right? Wrong. Nobody talks about thermoregulation, and it's the one simple protocol that can actually change your performance -- from DAY 1. 

When your body temperature rises (and it will), your muscles will fight you. Eventually, if not cooled, it will even refuse to perform. 

When you push beyond your body's ability to regulate its body temperature, something is going to give -- and that something is you. Your overheated blood can no longer send signals to your brain to “move muscle”, “think faster”, and you begin to dehydrate. Within only minutes, heat stroke sets in and starts shutting down your organs. 

At that point, it's impossible to prevent heat stroke without immediate intervention.   

So which performance piece comes first – hydrating or cooling your blood. Once overheated, it will be extremely difficult to cool your body fast enough without an immersion ice tub. For this reason, cool your body before you exert energy!

“But sweating is good for you, your body needs to sweat!”

Your body sweats to cool itself down. If you cool your body first, it no longer has the need to sweat! Cooling your body first prevents the dehydration caused from sweating.

Say goodbye to excessive sweating, muscle fatigue, and mental fog simply by cooling your body to improve human performance. 

Funny how science sometimes sounds like common sense.

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